Advantages, Benefits – Handicrafts or Hand Made Crafts and Products

In this industrialized world, people always look out for branded products. Apart from this, some people also buy quality hand made products called as Handicrafts. The handicraft business is growing popular at many parts of the globe. For example: Handicrafts in India, such as dolls, designed clothes, embroidery materials, wood works, hand painting, gifts, furniture, toys and a lot more, are much popular worldwide. Eventhough handicraft products are considered as traditional work, there are many advantages and benefits in it.

Indian handicraft products

Reusability of waste materials:

The materials which are considered as waste usually fill the trash bin. In this type of business, the most used raw materials are from the recycled wastes, bottles, etc. Some of the household items such as plastic cups, cans, cardboard box, pins, buttons, magazines and old clothes are also used to make handicraft products. Therefore, it helps to recycle the waste.

Improves the creativity and skills:

Whatever talents or skills that you have, can be sold to the customers if it meets the requirement and quality criteria. You have to create handicraft products with your knowledge and skills. At first stage, you may make some mistakes but practicing and improving the creativity can be surely achieved. With proper skills and development, there is a definite chance to grow your own business. It is the best platform to enhance your interests and skills.

Availability of raw materials:

Since handicraft is all about making craft with available things (mostly recycled household waste products), the raw materials are very cheap and easy to purchase. Suppose, if it is a small scale handicraft industry that produces hand made furniture, clothes and embroidery designed products, the raw materials are easily available or the industry would also use recycled products.

Make money with self employment:

It is one of the best ways to eradicate unemployment. It provides innumerous opportunities to explore the skills and talents. Women who are homemakers and unemployed people can spend their leisure time in learning handicraft skills to earn good amount of income. Income generation depend upon the quality of skills that you have, resources and investment you allot for the handicraft business. It is also necessary to find out niche market and target audience to earn high amount of income.

Strengthens the economic growth:

Hand made products from a small scale industry or cottage industry (popular in India) can be easily marketed with the help of trade fairs and exhibitions that showcase the unique talents to the world. Selling unique products or decorative handcrafted items can increase the export rate of a country and hence it boost up the economic growth. The economic growth can also be achieved by employment generation and proper transformation of local raw materials into useful products.

For example: Rajasthan handicrafts are popular worldwide. At Rajasthan in India, many small scale cottage industries involve in making quality handicraft design products that not only yield income for their families but also strengthen the economic growth by exporting to foreign countries.

Minimum investment:

The business completely depends on individual skills and ordinary raw materials. Therefore, there is no need for big industry or wasting machines.

Environment friendly:

The most attractive thing of handicraft items is Eco-friendly property. It uses wood pieces, recycled plastics, bottles and other waste materials which are converted to beautiful pieces of handicraft items. They are not machine-made; hence they use less amount of energy and give minimum amount of waste output. Most of the hand made products are more biodegradable and environmental friendly than factory-made products. It is also completely free from hazardous materials and chemicals.

Good quality and uniqueness:

Only hand made products of good quality arrives to the market. Hence, people can completely trust and buy them. Usually, handicrafts are unique because creativity plays an important role in this business. Due to the uniqueness factor, the designs and craft works really amaze many buyers all around the world!

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