Advantages and Benefits of Using Touch-Free Sensor Taps in your home

People use bathroom taps and kitchen taps for many household purposes. At this new era, there are various modern household appliances that arrive to the global market at the regular interval. Similarly, bathroom taps are also modernized with latest features. Nowadays, at many public places such as schools, hotels, theaters and many other places, we can see the automatic touch-free taps. These taps work with the help of Infrared sensor. The touch-free sensor taps have lot of benefits over normal tap models.

automatic-sensor-tapsStylish look and design:

The sensor taps are designed in a way that add up luxury and comfort to your kitchen or bathroom. It is available in many different types (wall mounted taps, temperature control taps, etc…) with stylish outer body and design. It is also available in various metals such as stainless steel, chromium and many more.

Safe and hygienic:

The sensor taps are extremely useful in places such as hospitals and rest rooms because people can wash their hands without touching the body of the tap that may contain disease causing germs from the hands of patients or public people. Hence it provides the complete protection (especially for children) from diseases that are spread by germs. People who would like to have a hygienic life should always prefer touch-free sensor tap for their homes.

Minimum water usage:

The sensor taps can effectively minimize the water usage at airports, hotels, restaurants and all other public places where people are likely to use the water in a large amount. The infrared detector automatically detects the presence of hands or any other object, hence it opens the water flow. After the hand wash is completed, it shuts off. Thus, the unwanted wastage of water can be stopped by using sensor taps and faucets.

User-friendly for disabled people:

Disabled people feel very difficult to use normal taps and faucets. This sensor faucet is a boon for the disabled people who can easily use water without touching the tap. Thus, it is a user-friendly bath tap for them.

Easy to use and maintain:

Children and elderly people can easily use sensor taps without any effort. Due to the easy usage, the maintenance is also very simple. Ordinary bath taps may get broken down or water leak by improper usage. But, here it is not a problem at all because it is very easy to use and maintain the sensor taps without any risk.

Manual temperature control:

A user can manually set the required temperature such as cold, warm and hot in the sensor taps. Until you set the temperature again, it remains unchanged. This feature would be very useful in winter and rainy season.

With these excellent benefits, touch-free sensor taps are the most-preferable taps at many public places and homes.


#1 meganbro on 08.13.12 at 7:14 am

The way in which many indicator faucets work is by discovering interruptions to the infra-red vicinity area, significance anything placed at the front side of the area visits the indicator.
Information is shifted back to the device, with computer circuits managing the information and planning it for a reaction.
An digital indication is then sent to a solenoid device in the control box through a indication cable, which causes the device to start and make way for the circulation of water.

#2 bathrooms wallasey on 10.11.12 at 8:45 am

I have seen sensor taps in shopping malls and PVRs, there is a sensor hand dryer. I like this luxury life because it shows royalty.

#3 Ajay on 10.29.12 at 7:03 am

This blog is a perfect if you need information regarding how advantageous sensor taps are as compared to normal water taps. I was not aware of some of the features and benefits of sensor taps.

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