Benefits of using electric cloth dryer

Electric cloth dryer is a device, a tech-tool that just enables you to dry the wet and soaked clothes almost instantly. It is a household appliance which is used to remove wetness from a load of clothing in general a very short time period after they are cleaned in a washing machine.

Dryer technology has come out as a boon to all of us and help to dry clothes quickly even in wet and moist weather. The energy efficiency of an electric dryer has marked the high advantages over the gas dryer over the times comprehensively.

How it works?

Electric Dryer contains a rotating tumbler inside its rotating arc, heating coils to supply heat and to boil the water to 100 degrees (212 Fahrenheit), also contains a lint holder which entraps all the little lint from the Buffy clothes, vent for the hot-air inflows and an exit pipe to let the air out of the house.

cloth_dryer_indiaElectric dryer works with the consumption of 240 volts current and with such great energy the Dryer generates an enormous hot-air surge. This hot air passes through the vent and enters the tumbler, passes through all the wet-clothes converting the moisture in the clothes to steam within a very short time and leaving the dresses dry and wearable, almost instantly!

How does an Electric dryer dry the clothes quickly?

Drying the clothes is another normal chemical process of converting the liquid into vapors/steam – Producing steam from water requires a huge amount of latent heat energy – The latent heat of vaporization.


Imagine that you have a bucket full of clothes with 1kg of water soaked in them at 25°C. Now the electric dryer heats the water from 25°C to 100°C using about 617kJ of energy, and then turns it into 1 kg of vapors at the same temperature. It uses another 2250kJ of energy to allow vapors in the pipe to exit the house. Electric dryers having the basic physics involved within it, generates lots of heat-energy (electrical dryers operate on 240 volt current) to turn cold water into hot steam and therefore drying the clothes up almost instantly.

By looking into the illustration above, it is quiet evident about how and why does the Dryer aid the clothes to dry quickly even during winter – As soon as you switch-on the Dryer, all the above activities happen very quickly and help you to get fresh and dry clothes at the rate of knots.


Some of the outlined Electric cloth dryer’s advantages are below;

  • Electric dryers are very efficient and dry the clothes immediately.
  • Since Electric dryers use customized temperatures to dry the cloths, the cloths will retain its colors without fading for longer times.
  • Electric dryers comes with an in-built program for selecting the type of cloth to be dried, with the program you can select cotton, satin, wool and others and be worry free.
  • Electric cloth dryers are less expensive when compared to the gas dryers.

So, why are you waiting? Purchase the cloth dryer online!


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#1 Thermodynamic Panels on 11.01.12 at 5:27 pm

This is a great example of a thermodynamic heating system and I think this will become the next big thing on how we dry clothes.

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