Benefits and Importance of Mosquito nets in home

Mosquitoes are the real threat to human beings. They act as the carrier for germs causing many types of diseases such as Malaria, Dengue fever, Chikungunya and many other viral diseases. Although, a home has clean surroundings and proper waste management facility, mosquitoes can breed and spread easily in an open water areas and containers. Apart from having a clean environment, it is highly necessary to protect people from the mosquitoes. Therefore, mosquito nets play an important part in protecting from mosquitoes that cause innumerable problems to human beings.

mosquito netsSafe and convenient:

There are many methods to prevent people from mosquitoes. People can use mosquito repellent creams, coils, mats, liquids and sprays for prevention but they may contain harmful chemicals in it. Mosquito repellent cream is usually applied in the skin area and it may not suit for some of the skin types. As a result, it causes skin allergy and irritation. The coils, mats, liquids and spray repellents produce gas fumes to kill the mosquito. These types of gas fumes contain chemicals that are non-toxic to humans but can effectively kill your flying enemies. In some cases, these chemical gas fumes may cause dizziness, headache and vomiting sensation in human beings. Therefore, mosquito nets are the safest option available that can be easily hung over the bed. The installation method is a very quick and convenient process.

Full protection:

Mosquito nets not only protect us from mosquitoes but also from other types of small flying insects in the home. If you use repellent creams, it can be applied only in the exterior parts of the body. It doesn’t give complete protection from mosquitoes. Similarly, mats and coils are not the effective solution for protection. But, mosquito net can cover the entire space in the bed.

Note: At most of the countries, insecticide treated nets are used to prevent people from Malaria disease.

Available in different colors and types:

If you are bored of having an old type of white colored mosquito net, you can definitely elect a colored one for your bed. Nowadays, it is available in various colors. The nets are usually made up of cotton, polyester, polyethylene and nylon material. Mosquito nets can be installed in doors, windows and also hung over the bed.

Long-lasting and cost effective solution:

Buying a mosquito net can be an ideal way and cost-effective solution. If you purchase mosquito mats, repellent cream and coils, they get empty very soon and you need to buy a new one for a short period of time. But, if the nets are installed in your home, they can last very long for a reasonable period of time.

Child safe:

Mosquito nets are the boon to parents who have children or new-born babies in their family. All the other types of chemical repellents are not preferable for young kids and babies. It may affect their sensitive skin and if they inhale the repellent fumes, there is a possibility to get respiratory problems. Therefore, mosquito nets are the right solution for protecting babies from the mosquitoes.

With these useful features, mosquito nets play an important role in homes.


#1 ARCHIT on 07.27.12 at 11:19 am

it is completely eco-friendly & no side effect for human body…!!!

#2 independent midwives on 09.05.12 at 12:49 am

A mosquito net also keeps other critters out, like creepy crawlies or falling geckoes.

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