BOSCH Aquatak – 150 Pro Pressure Washer – Review

One of the most basic and domestic stuff which we all thrive hard daily is to maintain and keep the cleanliness.  Either it is your car, lounge areas, greasy walls or any other thing, cleanliness is very important. I live in a house which is located near the national highway and hence my house and household products gather dirt pretty quickly. Everyday I have to battle-down to clean the dirt off from the house.

I was very keen to know whether there is any device or a tech-tool which can perform all the hard working jobs (cleaning) at ease, save the energy, time and ultimately me! Then I heard about these electric pressure washers which can do the necessary stuffs for me, within a wink of an eye! I was overjoyed and jumped up to buy one immediately.

I bought the BOSCH Aquatak – 150 Pro, because I found it appropriate for my usages. Till now, I have used it twice. Actually, it is very easy to set up the machine and the long hose attachment is a very handy one.  The pressure is at its best when using the machine with the high pressure lance. For the indoor applications, electric pressure washers produce no bad smoke. They are much quieter than the gas pressure washers and propane powered counterparts.

Well, the credit must be given to the manufacturers and the retailers who helped me getting this machine. The best reason for choosing this machine is its power-packed features, below you can find the important ones.

Brass-head pump for long service life

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. Brass is a substitution alloy which finds its widespread usages for plumbing and electrical applications and most importantly brass metal is corrosion-resistant which can withstand the harsh environmental-applications with high water temperatures.

Brass has excellent thermal conductivity which makes it a first choice for heat exchangers (radiators). The electrical conductivity ranges from 23 to 44% that of pure copper.

Mobile and Versatile

Electric models of the pressure washers are considerably lighter than the other versions which run on fuel. Furthermore the integral wheels can help you to move the machine easily with minimal energy. As fuel-powered models are set-up with heavy fuel tanks and more components, they depend upon timely maintenance. The electric models are very sleek with precise length of their extension cords which makes them to be easily transportable and perfect for shorter distances.

Electric pressure washers are perfectly crafted to endeavor domestic users the flawless combination of versatility and efficacy. In addition, these electric pressure washers come with adjustable temperature settings which allow the operator to adjust the suitable temperature according to the requirements.

Toughest cleaning tasks

The Aquatak’s upright position uses force of gravity for the efficient evaluation of cleaning. It produces optimum pressure for the water (with the aid of the Induction motor – 2700 watts) at the best temperatures. With all these fantastic features, you can clean the most-deepened dirt, even the graffiti!

This pressure washer almost works in ‘Mute status’. While at the working state, they do not eject-out the noise. This attribute makes it the best fit for indoor usages – domestic cleanings. This feature also serves to keep the Eco-system in a balanced state, by not producing any strange noise.

This pressure washer in comparison with other fuel-powered washers doesn’t emit any poisonous gas such as carbon monoxide which is deadly harmful for any living organisms. The electric models use electrical motor and therefore there is no need to worry of such catastrophe to happen.

Spray gun with 12m hose

This sleek spray gun (with an optimum-sized hose) allows you to spray the water exactly into the areas where you want it to; it helps to deep-clean the surface, almost similar to the white-wash! This spray gun can reach to the areas where your hand or even a small piece of cloth cannot enter (if in case you were to clean them manually) and hence this makes your things to get completely clean.

Integrated 3L Detergent tank

For stubborn dirt, simply fill the tank with detergent and set the lance to low pressure. The powerful 2700w induction motor for high performance (in the upright and sturdy positions) provides very effective force of gravity to assist and evaluate the cleansing.

Further more the tank itself is a ‘detachable detergent tank’, which helps you to clean and fill easily!

Highly economical

Actually these electric pressure washers can save a lot of money and helps you to preserve them for the other purposes. They do not require any natural source of fuel to function. Hence you don’t need to worry about fuels. Moreover these pressure washers have multi-purpose usage; hence you can use them to clean your home or extend their commercial aspects and use them at your office.


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