Different Brands of Mattresses in India

Mattress is a manufactured product or improvised arrangement to sleep or lie on, consisting of resilient materials and sometimes covered with an outer fabric or ticking. It may consist of a quilted or similarly fastened case, usually of heavy cloth which contains hair, straw, cotton, foam rubber, or a framework of metal springs. In parts of the western world, a mattress typically belongs to a bed set and it is placed upon a foundation.

mattressMattresses are the essential parts of our lives, why? Have you ever thought of a needful sleep, why we can’t control or overturn our sleep, is it that important?

Well, we can answer all these questions by looking into the importance of the sleep – Sleep is the time when the body does most of its repair work; muscle tissue is rebuilt and restored. We know, for example, the growth hormone is secreted during sleep. This hormone is important for growth in children, but it is also important throughout the adulthood in rebuilding tissues.

Hence we got to know that sound sleep is very important for all the beings – Sleep can be sound and refreshing only when we are able to sleep comfortably and without any disturbance and to do this we need to possess a neat and niche sleeping materials.

And over the days with the improvement of technologies and the inclusions of scientific thoughts and modern styles, we have witnessed the clinically dressed mattresses which enhances the sleeping comforts; here I have listed a few below;


Kurlon was introduced by KCPL based at the Mysore in Karnataka. KCPL was the first to introduce the concept of rubberized coir mattress in India. This mattress is widely appreciated by the Indian masses.

Kurlon mattress’s unique memory foam senses the body heat and customizes itself to the shape of the spine – The tiny coir fibers will keep the body at static temperature. Kurlon uses vertical compression technology to give more spring action to the coir in a mattress. And finally its Additional Centre Densification (ACD) provides a comfortable back-support.


Sleepwell mattress fosters good-healthy sleep and well-being among the humans. It has the below mentioned priceless advantages,

• Sleepwell’s intensified comfort-pillow top provides visco-elastic temperature sensitive material for a peaceful sleep.

•  Integrates state-of-the-art Pocket Innerspring System, a zonal arrangement for optimal spinal alignment

• Sleepwell’s international Zero Turn™ Technology boosts your sleep-time for heightened comfort and durability.


Restolex is one of the finest brands to produce the sleep mattresses in India. Restolex has over 3 decades of experience in the business and have made a big name both in the India and other countries.

Restolex mattress has an automatic sensor called Visco Elastic Foam; this foam can tune and adjust itself to the shape of the person sleeping on it, and retain back its original normal shape when the load goes off it. This characteristic feature of Restolex would offer greater back support.


Springwell offers a comfort collection in the most-recent international trends for sleeping luxuries. The numerous high tensile steel springs give proper support to the body curves by retaining the spinal cord’s natural S-shape.

Springwell’s ‘physio’ feature understands and detects your body-shape naturally – The Zonal Densification Technology keeps the spine in its natural shape. With the presence of recurred foam in polyester cotton and smooth bargello, you are guaranteed for a deep and peaceful sleep.


Duroflex’s ultimate sleeping niche – Full Prone Support (FPS) feature provides an ever-comforting sleep system with flawless support to the spine body.

Duroflex FPS 3 zone/division mattresses are designed to ensure that the first provides support to the head, shoulder and lower-back regions. The second division supports the near-abdomen muscular region. And the third supports the knee, lower leg, foot and ankle. The FPS 5 Division mattress is designed such that the first division provides support to the head and shoulder, the second supports the lower-back region, the third supports the near-abdomen muscular region, the fourth supports the knee and lower leg and the fifth supports the foot and ankle.


Raha poly products ltd, based in Hyderabad is the pioneers for manufacturing of poly products and they had launched spring mattresses in the Indian market as early as 1995.

Raha mattresses offer the niche back-support for the spine by protecting its natural S-shape with the aid of the terrific springs, while the various padding layers accommodates delightful cushioning effect to the body-figure.


Dupont’s healthy, sterile, unique and world-class polyfill quilts made in carding technology are stocked with anti-bacterial silver nano-particles, which make the quilts extremely safe. It also provides the ultimate warmth and relaxation.

Multiple fiberfill-layers which is the real highlight of the Dupont mattresses, adds to the comfort and the pleasantness of the mattress. And also these layers are very lighter (say about 5 5~10g/sqm) adding to the mattress’s tensile strength.


‘Fibroflex’ is the best at producing ultra-niche mattresses. Fibroflex’s rubberized coir mattresses, pillows and cushions feature the integral part of its sleeping products.

Viscose cotton fabric and densified-rubberised coir which forms the integral part of the Fibroflex mattresses retains the S-shape of the spine comfortably and conveniently – The extra crisscross fleece provides firm support for the back.

Fibroflex is known for its temporal adjustments which get warm in winter and cool in summer.

Hence you can choose the best mattress which suit your requirements and enjoy a clinical sleep.

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