Electric Kettle – A useful appliance for the homemakers

If you love to have a smart home appliance, an electric kettle could be the right choice. In olden days, people used to boil the water in a jug or an open pan. It consumed lot of time to heat and wasted lot of fuel energy. But nowadays, stove pot kettles and electric kettles are the top priorities to heat the water.

An electric kettle is more advanced in features than the stove-top type. Electric kettle works with the help of electricity and heats the water very quickly in 3-4 minutes. Heating process is taken place inside, due to the presence of coil at the inner part of the kettle.

electric kettleUses: It is mostly used for making hot tea. The best electric kettles would have the temperature control feature which is an added advantage that is not available in the stove top kettles. It can be used for the multiple purposes such as to prepare coffee, soups or any other hot liquid beverages, whatever you want to make with the help of hot water!

Why to choose electric kettle?

Electric kettle is an energy efficient way to heat the water for your cooking purposes. It has auto-stop or auto shut-off facility. After the boiling temperature is reached, the heating stops automatically. Thus, it saves lot of wasted heat. Electric kettles are available in plastic, aluminium, stainless steel, iron, silver and glass also.

Mostly, stainless steel electric kettles are widely used because they are durable and strong. While kettles made up with aluminium metal heat the water quickly, stainless steel material heats the water in a normal (not very fast) manner but it is a fine metal that is rust proof in nature.

Tip: When choosing electric kettle for your home, it is better to choose kettles with wide neck region. It would be very easy for cleaning purposes. Also, check for strong and comfortable handle!

Two types of electric kettles:

Corded electric kettle: These types of kettles have electric cord attached to them. This is the “plug and play” model.

Cordless electric kettle: These types do not have electric cord or batteries. They have a unique power element at their base connected with electric power supply.

Both the versions can heat the water in few minutes of time. They are most suitable to use in home, office, travel and wherever the electric sockets are available!

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