What to expect on home appliances in the year 2013?

Either it is a change in the climate or political situation, the permanent thing in life is ‘change’. This is applicable in the field of technology. The developments are always happening in the technology. People love to buy latest products and the advanced versions which get attracted by the consumers world wide. Let us see the future developments in the home appliances sector.

Smile-Inducing refrigerator – You have to smile to get your refrigerator’s door opened

smiling-refrigeratorWhat is this Smile-Inducing refrigerator? This refrigerator opens its door only if you grin or smile :) at it. The Sony’s scientists have made a biological-thought of making the people to smile more because it increases your face value and also replenishes the life cells – A device called as a “Happiness Counter” enables this process to take shape successfully. If you feel hungry, you should smile in front of your refrigerator to catch your favorite food.

How it works?

All you need to do here is to stand in front of the refrigerator and smile, then the ‘Happiness counter’ device read or recognize your smile and gets the fridge door opened for you to go on and MUNCH!!!

Cycling inside a hot water tub – helps to improve the blood flow, develop muscles with greater resistance than air

cycling-inside-hotwater-tubThis Cycling tub (The all new FitWet) enables you to pedal the cycle inside the water, Cool! The combination of hot water and the cycle are going to make your work-outs more efficient and effective.

How it works?

The functionality is very simple, you have to sit and cycle in this tub. The water allows your work-outs to be more resistant, since it can enhance your blood-flow and build the fit-muscles.

The Milk maid – Get a text notification about the status of milk on your smart phone

status of milk on smart phoneAre you facing difficult times with the milk which gets continually wasted, don’t worry, here is the solution for it – The ‘Milk maid‘ is a smart milk jug that notifies you about the milk’s sour level instantly by sending a text notification to your smart phone, so that you can boil the milk or bring another milk packet and save the day for yourself.

How it works?

The smart jug is tuned with a set of particular pH and temperature sensors which continually takes the PH readings of the milk inside the jug, and once the milk crosses over the set PH/temperature readings, it sends a notification to the microcontroller placed at the bottom of the jug and this base sends a text message to the smart-phone which enables the recipient to know about status of the milk.


preditgazeThe PredictGaze TV comes with the greatest-techie ideas, like facial recognition and gesture-tracking software which can sense the time to pause the video on your TV.

How it works?

This great PredictGaze pauses your TV automatically when you move out of the TV hall. The gesture-tracking and facial recognition sensors surveil you, once you move out from the place, it just pauses itself automatically.

Super Numi toilets – A toilet with Music player, dock station and a touch-screen panel

automatic-open toiletThis new tech-savvy high-tech toilets are motion-activated and contains a seat warmer, music player, magnetic docking station and an integrated air dryer. All these can be controlled by a touch-screen panel within a 20-foot range!

How it works?

When somebody stands in front of it, the integrated motion-activators allows the toilet’s lid to get automatically opened and the heated seats will automatically adjust to a suitable temperature. The integrated automatic-water sprayers and air dryers allow you to dress back to normal.

Color coded cookers

colored cookersMost of the people are familiar with the ‘black’ colored cookers these days, but the color fascination has got into the cooker world!

The manufacturers insist people about the colored cookers which is expected to become the trend in year 2013. However the trend for 2013 suggests that two emerging styles are going to be the “way to go” – stainless steel and cream styles. The cream colored cookers had fruited with almost 40% sales in 2010/2011. Techie, sleek, colorful and modern range cooker can be expected to rule the cooker manufacturing industries for the year 2013.


thermostatThe Thermostat saves a lot of energy for you – unlike the traditional thermostats which tends to waste a lot of energy by heating and cooling your home when there is no one available.

Thermostat’s highlights

1. Thermostat’s ‘auto-away’ functionality automatically switch-off by itself, incase you have forgotten to turn it down.

2. Thermostat’s Airwave – cuts down your cooling cost automatically.

Eco-friendly kitchens

eco-friendly kitchenThe most exciting thing about 2013, will be the emergence of an Eco-friendly kitchens, that can foster good environmental growth.

Eco-friendly materials (like bamboo floors and modular MDF kitchen cabinets) and even appliances with the EnergyStar rating can accommodate these kitchens.

These are the developments that people can expect for the upcoming year 2013 in the home appliance sector.

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#1 Selena on 12.15.12 at 5:30 am

In this coming year 2013 it will be the year of gadget freak and eco friendly. The world is alarming about the global warming so every big company try to make the things eco- friendly and more tech savvy. Eco friendly kitchen, eco-friendly kitchen appliances are going to be star.

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