Homeinout.com – The web’s premiere all-in-one site for home products

Indian web development company, Agriya, is excited to announce the release of its latest industry-defining site, Homeinout.com . Created with the interests of both vendors and consumers in mind, Homeinout website marks a new era in the home goods niche.

HomeinoutWe really wanted to create a one-stop experience, says Aravind Kumar, Homeinout website, co-founder. “We hadn’t really seen a viable option out there that provided consumers with everything they needed home-wise in one place that also created some flexibility for vendors.”

 A Multifaceted Experience for Consumers and Sellers Alike

Homeinout’s  approach brings a new and dynamic online experience to merchants as well as customers.

Customers will discover a true aggregate in the site; providing an all-encompassing approach to home goods, Homeinout eliminates the need for customers to visit multiple sites and/or offline stores when retrofitting a new home or seeking out items for an existing one. Additionally, Homeinout website allows customers to search for products by category, allowing them easy navigation through the site’s large catalog of goods.

The wide-ranging approach will also benefit merchants of all stripes, The site is designed to work with vendors across specialties and price points in order to attract the most diverse pool of home products possible. Vendors will be allowed to post their goods directly on the site, creating an instant-access portal to customers. The site has also focused on ensuring affordability for vendors; posting products is free and, instead of requiring a monthly or yearly subscription fee, Homeinout website has decided to charge only a minimum transaction fee on each sale. It’s an approach that will make the site accessible for vendors of any size.

All together, it creates an unprecedented online experience in the home goods market.

Moving Forward

With a successful launch accomplished, the team at Homeinout is looking forward to a busy year. A wide selection of outdoor and summer products have already been lined up, and the team anticipates an exciting next few months as the site gains momentum.

“It’s been a lot of hard work, but we’re really pleased with the results,” says Kumar, “we’re really looking forward to a year of growth with Homeinout.”

To find out more about it, peruse the site’s vast selection of home products, or find out how you can list your own products on it, visit the site at http://www.homeinout.com


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