Why lawn mowers are essential for your garden?

Lawn mower is really important for the good-keeping and healthy-maintenance of your grass lawns, these machines help you to cut the dry-grasses for the optimal heights and protect grass from getting infected by pests and weeds, thereby enabling you to develop a clinical Lawn.

So what is a lawn mower? It is a machine that adopts a high-speed revolving blade or blades to cut the grass-blades of the lawn at an even height. Rotatory mowers involve vertical-axis blade rotations and Cylinder mowers involve with blade-rotations in the horizontal axis.

Below, there are few important points that may help you in maintaining the good heath and appearance of your lawn.

lawn-mowerEye-catching appearance:

Obviously every one of us maintains the lawn precisely for attraction and therefore the importance of lawn mowers are intensive. Keeping the lawn more-attractive and maintaining it regularly and perfectly is really important. You may have a land-lawn and some shrubs around it, now just leave it for few days and watch it, oh! Yes! It looks perfectly scruffy and untidy, why? This is exactly because you have forgotten to maintain it by cutting of the unevenly grown grass blades and also to keep the surface flat. This can be seriously dangerous because pests can easily grow amidst the tall grasses and shrubs.

Good maintenance of lawn fosters the grass growth:

Health of the lawn completely depends upon the way you maintain it and about the maintenance part, there was a botanical report which revealed that trimming the grass to the optimum heights can help the grass grow deeper and also yield the lush-green outfits in its fast growing seasons. Grass grows at a higher pace during cool seasons and mid-summers. Mowing too high, often looks sloppy, while mowing too low starves the lawn by removing much of its nutrient-producing leaf surface. Therefore, by cutting the grasses to the optimal even heights, you can make your lawn’s outer appearances clean and healthy.

Protects your lawn:

Protecting the lawn precisely means to safeguard the grass from pests and weeds. This is seriously important since these two can spoil and deteriorate the grass completely.

Pest and weed control:

As we all know tall grasses are one of the best places for the pests to crave on, since they can hide and grow easily beneath the grasses and contrastingly the weeds can sprout well inside the short-level grasses where the sun can reach the ground/soil, so this is where you have to maintain the optimal height of the grass blades (say 3 inches) to avoid these attacks on the grass.

Hence the importance of the Mower can be marked high, since it can trim the grasses easily and to the set optimal blade heights clinically and evenly.

A Special finding from Organic lawn care team: You can have a beautiful, healthy and low-maintenance lawn without conventional fertilizers and pesticides – Organic fertilizers like Corn gluten can be used as a weed suppressant and applied in the early spring. Grubs can be controlled with beneficial nematodes. Organic lawn care uses a ‘whole system approach’ for maintaining your lawn without toxic chemicals – Organic lawn care team believes that plants which are considered as “weeds” such as clover, are actually beneficial.

Besides performing all the above activities, it is really important to select the best-suited lawn mower for your grass yard, since everything begins from here. Which type of lawnmower is the right for your yard? Which one makes your lawn smoother and flat? Is the lawn mower only to maintain a flatter surface or do you expect a little bit more of its appearance? Ask yourself these questions which can help you to adapt the best lawn mowing machine. Start now to develop and maintain the good, clean, lush, greener and healthier grass lawns.


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