Orbit Track – HK 4011 – Review

orbit track hk 4011A few days back, i bought the Orbit Track – HK 4011 unit. I purchased this gym machine because it has a sleek-design, clinical work-out posture and runs very smoothly. I am a busy office-goer but I can’t make time for the exercise and keeping myself fit. It was a bit of concern for me and my wife. With the help of Orbit track 4011, you can do the work-out in a fast and efficient manner. It is also very easy to set up your own home gym with the help of this machine.

With the Orbit track 4011, you can adjust the intensity so it can be the great cardio workout or muscle toning for your legs and butt. You can get the powerful work-out in 10 minutes which helps to get the heart-rate up in much quicker time than on a treadmill. It is a total body machine for pedal, step, running and cycling exercises. The smooth movement is an additional advantage.

The best things which I discovered with this machine are,

1. You can actually read the LCD display on this unit while using it. You can easily monitor the readings, view your heart-beat rate, distance, time and the meter speed in the Orbit track 4011 model.

2. The sturdy construction poses a great stability if your floor is not at the perfect level. The unit has two leveler screws at the base which are easily adjustable, so it doesn’t shake itself from one side to another side.

3. You can adjust the Belt’s tension in a better way. The screws in the machine can be easily adjusted!

4. Orbit track 4011 takes very little space and it is easy to move from one place to another place, Personally I find elliptical machines which uses a bicycle shaft has more natural usage pattern. The movement is very natural similar to your bike ride. And once you turn up the tension, you can start burning those unwanted calories!

5. Orbit track 4011 is very easy to install, Oh, yeah! It takes about 30 minutes to put the unit together. The manual (installation procedure) is at the best, it might take you an hour if you are not good at assembling things.

And you may have to adjust the tension strap just once so that it really does get hard when you turn it to the maximum. It’s easy, just set it to minimal tension, unlock the buckle that holds it, pull it real tight (use a cutting plier if you must) and close the buckle. It’s in the manual, so don’t worry, and it’s easy to fit the parts of the machine.

You can purchase the Orbit Track – HK 4011 here


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