The Most Popular Non-Stick Cookware Brands in India

Non-stick cookware products are popular in the urban households because it helps to cook food easily and save our time. The non-stickiness property helps to clean and maintain the cooking utensils easily. There are many brands of non-stick cookware products available in India. Here, we have listed out the most popular non-stick cookware brands in India.

TTK Prestige:

TTK prestige offers various kitchen appliances for Indian homes. It is the first kitchenware company in India to receive the ISO 9001 Certification and the PED/CE Certification by TUV, Germany. The design and durability are always the first class type in the Prestige cookware models. People trust this brand because it provides top quality kitchenware products for many years. It deals with almost all types of cooking products. It has many branches in the nook and corner of Indian subcontinent. If you wish to have a smart kitchen in your home, TTK Prestige product is the first and best option.


Hawkins has the experience of more than 40 years in kitchenware products. Futura non-stick cookware from Hawkins is the most famous one. The products are thermal efficient and long-lasting.  The sales and services provided by this company are usually excellent.


Nirlep is the most preferred name in the Indian market which was established in the year 1968 and it has lot of experience in cookware manufacturing sector. It is the first company to produce non-stick cookware items in India. Apart from supplying quality cookware products in India, it also exports professional non-stick pans to European markets. With many domestic and international certifications, Nirlep plays an important role to provide innovative cookware in Indian homes. In the year 2011, Nirlep launched a new product called Aspa.

The features of Aspa includes,

  1. Four layered non-stick coating
  2. Requires less fuel and oil
  3. Easy to clean and maintain


Pigeon is a well known kitchen appliance brand that provides top quality non-stick cookware to Indian customers. The major benefits of Pigeon non-stick cooking utensils are,

  1. Completely free from harmful Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA).
  2. Scratch resistant
  3. Durable materials and handles


Alda produce wide range of kitchen products in India. Alda uses latest innovation and technological advancement to manufacture the products. The Alda non-stick cookware uses unique Daikin non-stick coating from Japan which gives the most resistant non-stick surface for long-lasting usage.


Usha Shriram enterprises was established in the year 1983. At present, it provides wide range of home appliances and consumer durable products.  The non-stick cooking equipments from this company includes Tawa, Dosa tawa, Grill pan, Kadai and Frying pan.


Crystal fulfills each and every household needs in India since 1971. In the year 2007, it launched “High end 3 coat platinum Teflon coated non-stick cookware”.  Crystal is also a certified licensee of DuPont USA. Concave griddle, Flat griddle, Fry pan, Kadai, Appachatti are the non-stick products of this company.


Premier provides quality kitchen products in India since 1974. It has diverse branches at all parts of India and customer service centres at many parts of the globe. Therefore the cookware products are also available outside India. As it has vast network, it was awarded the National best exporter award for the year 2009 – 2010. The Premier non-stick cookware products are modern, user-friendly and consume less amount of oil for cooking. Apart from ordinary non-stick products, it also provides some unique products such as Non-stick Appam pan and Paniyara pan for south Indian cooking.


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