Technology in your Kitchen – Lets you become a Great chef at home

Today’s kitchen has seen a range of changes, where modular kitchen have taken the place of the old traditional kitchens, but then why we use Kitchen? Of-course for cooking, and therefore we exactly need to think about the things that ease our cooking abilities and not the outer look. Yes, the time has come where we need to migrate from our modular kitchen to Digital kitchen with the help of the modern technologies.

So here we can take a tour over some of the tools that can change your say at the kitchen;

Hamilton Beach Voice Activated 12 Cup Coffeemaker

Hamilton Beach Voice Activated 12 Cup CoffeemakerHamilton’s coffee maker will just help you to start your day gracefully, all you want to do here is to just press the button and talk to your machine and set the ‘brew-time’, it’s as easy as that. And you can do this every single time to make 12-cups of easy yet tasty coffee everyday.

Speck HandyShell for iPad 2

Speck HandyShellThe Speck HandyShell just lets you to hold on to your digital cookbook easily and at tilted comfortable angles, so that you can just proof-read the list of ingredients against your readied recipes and make sure that you won’t miss even a pinch of salt.

Sur La Table Triple-LED Grill Light

Sur La Table Triple-LED Grill LightAs you may have noticed (as a non-vegetarian cooker at home), it’s terribly difficult to know whether your steaks have got boiled or not on those tricky Grills. So for that you can bring-in the light from Sur la table Triple-LED grill light, its 3-dimensional lighting abilities will just let you to have a clear bright look over the steaks and mark the happening swiftly and easily.

Polder Digital Kitchen Scale

Polder Kitchen scaleThe prime factor that can separate you (home-cookers) from the gourmet dish maker’s (Chef’s) is that they are so very perfect with all their ingredients, they just won’t add an extra pinch of salt!!! With Polder kitchen Scale it is your time to do the same.

Polder digital scale comes with a back-lit LCD display with large numbers, so that you are enabled to look into the measurements or quantities perfectly-easily. So here’s your time to become a home-chef!!

The above four tools can definitely help you to prepare a professional gourmet at your home, yet there are a lot more of these devices which you can use to make your cooking easy and better at homes.


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#2 Seema Kapoor on 10.17.12 at 5:45 am

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