Tips to operate, maintain Air conditioners safely | Split, Window type

Air conditioner is an electrical appliance that absorbs heat in the room and transmit to outdoor area, so that the indoor ambient temperature gets decreased, its cooling capacity will increase or decrease by outdoor ambient temperature. Eventhough, there are many types of Air conditioning units available, many people use Split AC or Window AC for their home. Here, we have given some information about operating methods and maintenance tips for these two types.

Split Air conditioner

Proper Earthing is highly important:

During the installation process, one of the major things is to check whether proper earthing has been done to the air conditioner or not. This should be done by the qualified personnel. Air conditioner is a type 1 electric appliance, thus it is very important to conduct reliable earthing measure. For the safety, the earthing wire should not get connected with,

  1. Tap water pipe
  2. Gas pipe
  3. Contamination pipe
  4. Other unreliable places.

Why you need high-powered stabilizer for AC?

High-powered stabilizer which is also known as Double booster stabilizer is very much necessary because Air conditioners need high amount of electricity. If you are living in an individual house or apartment, there is always a voltage fluctuation. Air conditioner needs high electric power, thus high-powered stabilizer helps to boost up the electricity input to the cooling machine. Double booster stabilizing unit makes the Air conditioner work even when the voltage is as low as 140 volts. If you use ordinary type of stabilizer, power fluctuations may damage the condenser, compressor and whole AC unit.

Tips for safe operation and effective maintenance:

  1. To save electricity, select the most appropriate temperature in your AC. Normally, you can choose to keep room cooler than outside about 5 degree.
  2. Never try to repair or troubleshoot AC unit by yourself. The wrong repair will lead to electric shock or fire. You should contact the service center for repair.
  3. Combustible substances should be kept away from the AC unit. If you fail to do so, it causes severe damage, fire or explosion.
  4. Always check whether the installed stand is firm enough or not. This helps to avoid damage of the unit.
  5. Make sure to pull out the power plug when not using the Air conditioner for a long time. Otherwise, the accumulated dust may cause electric shock.
  6. Do not leave the windows or door open while operating the unit. It can decrease the air conditioning capacity.
  7. Avoid using AC unit for drying clothes, preserving foods, and other unwanted things.
  8. Do not use the space heater near the unit. Otherwise, CO toxicosis may occur for incomplete burning.
  9. Always make sure to clean the air filters in your Air conditioner periodically. Thus, atmospheric particulates or dust may not reach the inner parts of the unit.
  10. Avoid disposing the AC parts as unsorted municipal waste because this type of electric appliance contains harmful metals that are not Eco-friendly. It is necessary to collect such waste separately for special treatment process.

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