Tips to Choose Energy efficient and Eco-friendly Home Appliances

Home appliances that consume more amount of electricity results in global warming and other types of environmental problems. People should be aware to use electricity in the right manner to avoid environmental problems. Almost, all types of old appliances consume large amount of power. There are some modern household appliances which reduce the power consumption and hence it is an Eco-friendly option.

Note: In countries such as India, people prefer Eco-friendly home appliances irrespective to the high cost – Nielsen survey, 2011.

eco-friendly home appliances

Choose Eco-friendly television:

Old model televisions are not energy efficient. Nowadays, there are lots of technically advanced television set available in the global market such as Plasma TV, LCD TV and LED TV.

“Research shows that LCD TVs use less than half of the energy of the plasma televisions. And the LED LCD TVs use 40% less energy than the conventional LCD televisions”.

Therefore, LED TVs are the best when it is about power saving. It is an environmental friendly option for your home.

Tip: Large size TVs and more brightness in display monitor would increase the electricity consumption. Therefore, it is good to have mild brightness in display screen and medium sized TVs for your home.

Solar air conditioning system and water heaters:

Since air conditioners and water heaters are the appliances that consume high amount of electricity, it is better to power up these appliances with photovoltaic cells which results in tremendous savings of electricity bills. Photovoltaic powered cooling has been the most frequently implemented solar cooling technology for small residential and small commercial cooling. The solar air-conditioners save at least 30% and more electricity comparing with regular air conditioner. This is similar for the solar powered water heaters.

Choose energy efficient refrigerators:

  1. Choosing very large refrigerators and you will be wasting money and energy.
  2. Energy efficient refrigerators which has the energy star ratings helps better power saving.
  3. Top freezer refrigerator models are the most energy efficient type. Bottom freezer models are next best. Side-by-side refrigerators are the least energy efficient.

Use Induction cookware:

Induction cooking uses electromagnetic field to heat up the vessel placed on top of it. Induction cooking is proven to be energy efficient than the normal electric stove or gas stove. When environment is taken to consideration, induction cookware is the right choice for your kitchen. Induction also provide extremely fast boil than gas or electric type.

Energy efficient washing machines:

If you plan to buy a washing machine for your home, it is better to choose a front loading washing machine because it uses 40% to 75% less amount of water and 30% to 85% less energy than a top loading washing machine. Front loading machines have faster spin speeds which consumes less time. Therefore, these types are considered to be highly energy efficient washing machines.

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