Tupperware Oil Can – Product Review

Have you ever thought of modernizing your kitchen or improve your life-style or decorate the kitchen with safe and easy-to-handle equipment for kids? I browsed the internet to search any useful stuff, which replaces my greasy and stainless steel type of oil-container.

oil_canHere is the product Tupperware Oil Can, which can serve for many purposes. The anti-slip grip allows the kids to handle the Oil Can in a safe manner.

Tupperware Oil Can is made up of 100% food grade virgin plastic. They are stylish, elegant, light weight, non-toxic and odor-less that are available in attractive colors. It compliments and brighten up each and every Indian home.

Tupperware Oil Can is guaranteed against cracking, warping, peeling and chipping under normal domestic use.

Below you can find the useful features of this product.

Perfect measurement for preparing the gourmet foods:

measurementsWhen you have planned to prepare the gourmet-food with an ultimate oil consistency, the best thing that you need is the Tupperware – Oil Can. You may have iPads and other tech-books to read out the recipes. In addition, the oil level measurement is very important to maintain the calories in your diet. Either the excess of oil or depressed oil levels can spoil the cooked foods completely. With this product, you can easily measure the oil levels from the markings over the exterior surface of the can.

The perfect oil ratio helps you to attain the perfect-body shape and fitness. The wastage of oil can be avoided by using this product.

Easy to handle and hold it:

The Oil Can has an ergonomically designed body that comprises easy grip and anti-slip features. Since it has an excellent grip, it doesn’t need any type of extra fitting to avoid slippages. This grip would help you to hold the Oil Can without any strain and hence you can use the oil in a safe and smooth manner with no oil spillage.

Easy to clean – It is Dishwasher-safe:

Since the Can is dish-washer safe, you can easily wash it clean and avoid the development of oil coating, which ensures you the product’s long-life.

Perfect seal-spout combination:

A Special seal with slanted spout is available, which allows you to pour without dripping. It ensures even flow of oil from the container. It has a small vent near the spout to ensure that excess of oil that splits on seal (if any) goes back into the container.

Easy storage:

This product can be placed on your kitchen shelf, counters and for the serving purposes. It is airtight and hence you can maintain the freshness level of any food items. The storage items are modular in shape. Hence they stack neatly, next to one another on your shelf.

Multi-purpose usage:

Since the cleaning process is very much simple, you may use this Oil Can as a juice container and to store sausages at the time of travel preparation. I had already used them for the picnics. This product can be used for multiple purposes apart from storing the oil.

Make the kitchen attractive:

Tupperware Oil Can is somehow equivalent to the smart phone. They look neat, well-arranged and attractive. Infact most of the modular kitchens have adapted the tupperware products to enhance the look and feel.

When we sum all the above things, the truth is that these features surely help us to store and save oil in the perfect manner. This product is versatile, sturdy, space saving, efficient and attractive. Hence, I strongly recommend you to buy this Tupperware Oil Can.


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