Different Types of Bed Sheets Used to Cover the Mattress

Bed sheets are widely used to maintain the bed – clean and good. They can be easily removed and washed quickly. There are various types of bed sheets that can decorate your bed in a comfortable manner. According to the cloth material used and design work, bed sheets vary into different types. Here, we have listed out the various types of bed sheets.

Cotton bed sheets:

Many people across the world prefer cotton bed sheets as they are very much comfortable and soft. It is most-preferable for the summer season. The 100% cotton bed sheet is always the best. It is breathable with the presence of natural fiber in it. If you want additional comfort in the bed, you need to select cotton sheets with more thread count. Cotton sheets are available in striped, checked, white floral and many other designs.

bed sheetsAdjustable sheets:

This type of sheet has elastic material that can adjust with any size of mattress. This is especially useful when you need to bend the middle of the bed for comfortable sleeping position. The elasticity is the key property of this adjustable bed sheets.

Silk sheets:

This type of sheet provides rich look to your bed and it is widely used at high-class places where luxury is given high importance. Eventhough silk fibers are stronger than the ordinary fibers, it loses the strength when it becomes wet. Hence, silk bed sheets should only be involved to dry cleaning for once in a week. If you compare it with ordinary bed sheets, the maintenance cost is high.

Flannel sheets:

It is usually used in the winter season to provide warmth and comfort. Buying a flannel sheet is an energy efficient idea for cold climate that saves lot of heat energy (burning wooden sticks and other materials to gain heat) by providing natural warmth in the bed.

Rayon sheets:

Rayon bed sheets contain artificial fibers such as cellulose or plant fibers. A major advantage of using rayon sheet is that they are very much durable than the ordinary one. Rayon bed sheets which are made from Bamboo are more absorbent than the cotton bed sheets.

Bamboo fiber bed sheets:

Bamboo sheets have lot of benefits for your bed. By using bamboo sheet, people can feel warmth at winter and coolness at summer. It is Eco-friendly and bio-degradable. The easy air-flow and anti-bacterial property makes it an ideal choice for the consumers.

Plastic bed sheets:

Plastic bed sheets are usually used in hospitals for easy disposal purpose. Hence they are also called as disposable bed sheets. These disposable sheets which are made up of recyclable plastic material are perfectly waterproof in nature. It is an inexpensive way to cover the mattress.

Microfiber sheet:

Microfiber sheets are made from polyester and nylon polymers. They are highly durable than the ordinary cotton bed sheets. They also have some great benefits such as good insulation, breathable, wrinkle-resistant, stain-resistant and easy wash. This type of sheet provides complete protection from dust and other small particles that causes allergy to the people.

Polyester bed sheet:

Polyester sheets are uncomfortable and it is not the best choice for summer season. They have some advantages such as wrinkle-resistant and no fade property. If you are ready to use it for other purposes, it is a good choice.

Designer bed sheets:

If you like to provide an attractive look to your bed, the only good option is designer bed sheet. They can have either printed designs or hand made embroidered designs. The designs may be any type. It is mostly used in luxurious hotel rooms, guest houses and in places where attractive bed rooms are necessary. The Indian embroidered bed sheets are very popular among people all over the world.

Linen bed sheets:

Linen bed sheets have extreme comfort and softness than cotton. Linen sheet is Eco-friendly, bio-degradable and anti-allergic which is highly recommended for people with skin problems. The moisture absorption and evaporation capability is really good in linen. It is totally a high-class product.

Organic cotton bed sheet:

There is no major difference between normal cotton sheets and organic cotton sheets except that it is Eco-friendly. The term ‘Organic’ suggests that it is completely free from harmful chemicals and pesticides. The moisture absorbing capacity is high in the organic cotton bed sheets. Hence it is suitable for children who sweat regularly while sleeping in non-organic cotton sheets. It is more natural and completely safe!


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