Different types of Door Locks available in India

Each and every house needs safety. To ensure the safety, it is necessary to have good quality door lock for your home and office. It is not that, only locks made up of iron would give complete safety to your home. According to your security requirement, there are many different types of door locks available. Here, we have listed out the various door lock products in India.

door lock with handleBiometric door lock:

This type of door lock system is used for giving protection to the places where more security is needed. It is based on smart card, face recognition, remote control, password and finger print technology. Eventhough, biometric door locks are widely used in IT industries and airports, it also play an important role in household security purposes.

Electromagnetic door lock:

Electromagnetic door locks are used at all places. This locking system works with electricity. When the electric current is passed through the magnet, it produces strong magnetic attraction that holds the magnet tight to the nearby plate. These types of locks could not be used for highly secured places because they can be easily demagnetized when there is no electricity.

Electronic door lock:

This locking system works with the help of electricity.  A user can open the door by pressing the switch from anywhere. It is also available with numeric keypad type. When electricity is not available, these types of door locking system can be opened by typing the keyword. The main advantage is that it doesn’t require keys. Fingerprint electronic door lock models are also available at many parts of the India.

Automotive door lock:

It provides full safety and security to all types of vehicles. It is mostly used in cars, trucks and other transportation vehicles. These types of locks are mostly corrosion resistant and durable. It is the boon for automobile industry.

Door Padlock:

This is an ordinary locking system which works with the help of keys. There are many designs and shapes available in this type of lock. It is portable and made from various strong metals such as Iron, Stainless steel and Copper. It is the oldest method of securing the valuables. One of the major disadvantages is that the keys can be easily duplicated. For those who worry about key duplication, another option is available that is keyless padlocks.

Lever tumbler lock:

This is generally used in home and office. The tumblers are levers which must be raised for the movement of bolt. If the lock contains more levers, the security would be more for the home. It is operated with the help of keys. It is almost used in all the countries.

Mortise door lock:

This type of lock is usually installed inside the door. A user can operate mortise lock at both sides (dual locking system) that means it is possible to lock your door on the inside and outside. The well crafted and difficult installation will keep intruders out. Mortise clock with 5 to 6 levers is the safest option for your home.

Night latches:

Night latch is usually fitted in the wooden door and work with the help of knob on the inside and key on the outside. The installation for these types of locks is simple. The key benefit is the automatic locking facility. When the door is closed, it automatically locks itself.

Rim lock:

These are the locks that are fitted as an attachment on the door. It is usually fitted outside on the door. It is attached with the help of screw, bolt and nut. As it guarantees minimum security, it can be used only in the store room or kitchen doors for easy locking purposes.

Knob lock:

It is frequently installed in the residential areas. The lock cylinder is in the knob itself, hence it is a insecure way to protect the places because the knobs can be easily removed with the hammer. But, knob locks are widely used for inner rooms and not for the main gates (external doors).

Lever handle lock:

Installing a lever handle locks are suitable for both residential and commercial settings. As they have large push down style handle to open the door, it has an advantage over knob locks. Handicap people can easily use these types of doors.

Electric strikes:

Electric strike lock works with the help of electricity. It is often used for the high security in the business or home. To open the lock, magnetic swipe card must be used.

Keyless entry system:

This is the lock system that is mostly used in the cars. Keys are not necessary in these types. It is either operated by using keypad or remote control system. This is the advanced method of locking and unlocking the door.

Cylinder lock:

It contains lock constructed with cylinder type. The cylinder area in the lock contains variety of locking mechanisms such as disc tumbler lock, wafer tumbler lock and pin tumbler lock.


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