Different types of latest top-selling water purifier brands in India

Water purifiers are essential because they play a vital role in providing pure water to each and every house in India. At the rural and urban parts of India, water borne diseases are spreading in an alarming rate due to the unsafe water. Water purifiers can act as an effective solution to problems caused by unsafe water. Hence it is very much useful to know about the latest and best Indian water purifier brands of the year 2012.

Tata Swach:

Tata Swach is the leading brand of water purifiers in India. It uses TSRF technology to kill the harmful bacteria and viruses in the water. It has purification capacity upto 3000 litres. The TSRF technology works with the basis of Nanotechnology. The advanced features and unique technology (TSRF) used in water purification makes it a number 1 choice for the consumers. According to Nielsen survey, Tata Swach had been voted as the product of the year 2012.

Eureka Forbes – Aquaguard:

The Aquaguard from Eureka Forbes is the well known water purifier brand in India. Eureka Forbes was founded in the year 1982. It has more than 25 years of experience in water purification technologies. The water purifiers are equipped with E-boiling +, UV+, RO+, UF+ and SMP+ technologies. Apart from the Aquaguard, this company had also launched low cost water purifiers for the middle class people (AquaSure Galaxy) recently.

Water purifier

Kent water purifiers:

Kent provides different types of water filtration system such as Mineral RO, UF gravity, UV technology and UF tap water purification. One of the important features of Mineral RO (Reverse Osmosis) technology is that it contains TDS controller which retains the essential minerals in the water. Hence Kent RO system is the most popular brand among the people of India. Kent also deals with effective water softeners which help to convert the hard water into soft water.

Pureit – HUL (Hindustan Unilever):

Pureit provides lot of advanced features in water filtration methodology. It provides a complete protection from diseases caused by germs in the water. The purified water is also clear and odor-free. It uses programmed chlorine release technology that meets the stringent international criteria of Environmental Protection Agency, USA, for harmful bacteria and virus removal in the water. Pureit is a hassle-free water purifier because it doesn’t need gas, electricity or continuous tap water supply for its working.

Whirlpool water purifiers:

Whirlpool provides the finest types of water filtration system and reverse osmosis purifiers. Whirlpool RO Water Purifier comes with the WQA Gold Seal, USA which is recognized to remove the dangerous impurities in water. Some of its products such as Elite RO and Deluxe RO have MES (Mineral Enrichment System) which retain the essential minerals like calcium and magnesium.

Usha Brita:

Usha Brita was the first company to launch table top storage water purifier which uses ion exchange technology to purify the water. It also provides water softeners and iron removal system. It is the well-known water purifier brand in India and it has wide range of products such as UV purifiers, RO purifiers and jug filters.

Philips Water Purifier: 

Philips water purifiers use the advanced UV technology and activated carbon for purification and destroy the water borne viruses, parasites, amoeba and bacteria. The activated carbon and sediment filter remove chlorine, volatile organic chemicals, cysts and larger micro-organisms. It improves the taste of water and consume low amount of electricity for the purification process.

Zero B water purifiers:

Zero B water filtration system provides clinical solution to the water contamination. It has been endorsed by Indian Medical Association. It also deal with solar water purifiers, water softening system, iron removing units, activated carbon filters and multi grade filters.

Bajaj water purification system:

Eventhough Bajaj Appliances doesn’t play a major role focused in water filtration sector, it provides wide range of water purification products that include Aqua Naturale, Zerobac, Aqua Silver, UV WPX3, UV WPX7, XTP 21 Dx and XTP 11 types. This company has further planned to expand its water purifier portfolio in India.

Essel Nasaka water purifiers:

It uses Japanese Minjet technology to give pure drinking water with essential minerals. The drawbacks of RO purification – Essential mineral removal can be solved by using this technology. It is the first company to launch 12-stage purifier in India. Some of the products of Essel Nasaka include Natura, Xtra Pure, Nasaka 24X7, Stage 9 Minjet, Stage 11 Minjet Plus+ and Stage 12 Minjet Plus+.


It deals with two types of filtration processes namely ultra filtration and reverse osmosis. The water filtration products include Pureflo, Ultraflo, Hiflo, Perma Pure and Lo Sal.


Fabiano manufactures RO and UV type purifiers. It was successfully ranked amongst the top manufacturers and suppliers of mineral water pots. The customer benefits include energy efficiency, easy maintenance, compact design and long lasting property. It is an ideal choice for the Indian households.

There are also other popular brands such as Godrej, Pigeon and Bremed which provide good-quality water purifiers in India.


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The above information on water purifier brands are very useful.

If any data on survey conducted on households regarding the usefulness of these water purifiers from consumer point of view is available it will be a useful material for making decision .


Shivam Rastogi

#2 webmaster on 05.28.12 at 10:10 am

This post is not about consumer point of view or survey results. I have just given the most popular water filter brands in India. Thanks for your comment.

#3 Modi on 06.25.12 at 1:16 pm

Can Tata Swach make hard water soft so as remove scaling phenomenon? – Modi, Bhopal

#4 Homeinout on 06.26.12 at 6:36 am

Hi Modi, According to many online product reviews, Tata Swach can be used to purify or filter the soft water only. It could not be used for hard water. It is possible to purify hard water with the RO types of filters. Thanks for your comment.

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Today, I visit your website and after reading your blog i realize that it is very informative. I’m highly impressed to see the comprehensive resources being offered by your site.

#6 Water purifiers on 10.17.12 at 7:01 am

Water Purifier is required as the drinking water available now is full of impurities and really you have mentioned all the best brands here. You have offered a nice stuff here.

#7 vincent on 12.02.12 at 9:25 am

Can you tell me which of these water filters remove not just chlorine but also chloramines and trihalomethanes?

#8 Homeinout on 12.07.12 at 2:28 pm

Hi.. vincent,

A water filter which has carbon filter can remove the Chlorine byproducts such as Chloramines and Trihalomethanes. thanks.

#9 sadf on 12.08.12 at 8:47 am

I got idea on various water purifiers. Among them top brands will be costly but they will last for long period. When ever anyone wants to invest , if budget is good then invest in top 4 brands.

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